A new way to manage your diabetes.

Software designed to help you get the most out of your CGM.

Build for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, CarPlay, Web, Mac, and Amazon Alexa. Works on Android and Windows (via web app).
[ for patients, followers, parents, and professionals ]


Don't Worry (as much)

Finally get a good night's sleep.

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Below Normal Call

Receive a phone call (even in Do Not Disturb mode) when your readings are below normal and you are sleeping

Urgent Low SMS

Text friends or family with your location if your sugar level drops too low

Additional Alerts

Customizable alerts for when you're climbing, falling or you're steady but high

Get Motivated

Track your progress by following what matters most to you.

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Real-time Stats

Choose from over 30 customizable tiles and analyze your data in real-time

Interactive Graph

See everything on one graph, zoom in & out, and scroll back as far as you'd like

Access Anywhere

Working on your laptop, cooking in your kitchen, or driving your car?

Your readings are always just a glance away.

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Real-time Device Syncing

Changes on one device instantly appear on all of your devices

Enhanced Apple Watch Support

See your last reading on your Apple Watch within seconds of an update

Amazon Alexa Skill

Just ask "Alexa, what's my sugar at?"

Keep Track

Fast & hassle-free logging.

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Activity Feed

Track your food, exercise, insulin and medication

Nutritional Database

Integrated FatSecretâ„¢ food library with barcode scanning and food photos

Apple Health

Two-way Apple Health syncing, so you can continue to use your food tracking app of choice (although we're pretty good!)

Exercise Detection

Automatically detects and logs significant walk, jog and run events from Apple Health

Voice Recognition & Dictation

Use voice recognition to quickly lookup carbs and other nutritional information

Spot Trends

Put your data to good use.

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Stat Browser

Compare 30+ stats over any date range (coming soon!)

Daily Stats

Scroll through your daily stats right from your activity feed (coming soon!)

Excel Reports

Email yourself (or doctor) an Excel spreadsheet with all of your activity, daily graphs and stats

And More

Download the app and get started today.

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Easy Setup

Get up and running in minutes. Just add Sugarmate as a Follower, or input your Nightscout URL


Make the app more personal by picking your own color scheme

Siri Shortcuts

Ask Siri for your latest reading on your iOS device, Apple Watch, and through CarPlay

Multi-user Support

Manage 2+ people's sugar levels on one phone with fast user switching

Offline Activity Saving

Log your data even when you are out of service






Save the site to your Homescreen to have it open in full screen mode.


Apple Watch

Setup instructions are in the iOS app.


Ask Siri for your latest reading while driving.

Amazon Alexa

3rd Party Integrations

Supports DAKboard, Rainmeter (on Win10), and any other app that can use Sugarmate's External JSON feature.

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Sugarmate's founder has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 25 years. He created Sugarmate as a way to help others in the community, by combining his passion for diabetes tech and consumer software development.

If you have any Sugarmate-related questions, please visit help.sugarmate.io to view our support articles. If you have suggestions or issues, please reach out to us at support@sugarmate.io. Copies of out Getting Started Guide can be downloaded here.