Your CGM Companion

Sugarmate syncs your readings and activity across all of your devices in real-time.

Works with the Dexcom G4/G5/G6 and Nightscout project.


Easy Setup

Just add Sugarmate as a Follower, or input your Nightscout URL

Real-time Stats

Analyze readings as they happen and stay motivated with customizable tiles

Instant Device Syncing

Changes on one device instantly appear on all of your devices

Infinite Scroll Graph

See all of your values on one graph, zoom in/out, and scroll back as far as you'd like

Quick Food Lookup

Use voice recognition to quickly lookup carbs and other nutritional information

Additional Alerts

Customizable alerts for when you're climbing, falling or you're steady but high

Urgent Low SMS

Text an emergency contact with your location if your sugar level drops too low

Below Normal Call

Get called (even in Do Not Disturb mode) when you are below normal and sleeping

Enhanced Apple Watch

See your last reading on your Apple Watch within seconds of an update

Activity Feed

Track your food, exercise or insulin with voice dictation and photo taking

Multi-user Support

Manage 2+ people's sugar levels on one phone

Amazon Alexa Skill

Just ask "Alexa, what's my sugar at?"

Excel Reports

Export readings and activity to an Excel spreadsheet with daily graphs and stats

Offline Activity Saving

Log your food/insulin/exercise even when you are out of service


Make the app more personal by picking your own color scheme



Android Web App

Mac App